Thursday 15 February 2018

New Flat Tour!

Oh well, HELLO there! It's been a while, hasn't it?! As I'd been going on about for ages, I've been spending a few weeks moving into our new home and getting things sorted. 
Through the stresses and tantrums of buying our first property together, many lessons have been learned and many pennies have been spent - all of it 100% worthwhile and I'd do it all over again for our sparkly, new home! We were so lucky that we got the first place we viewed and went for. 
Today I'm going to show you around and talk about some of my favourite bits of our lovely home.

First I'm going to talk about my favourite place; our living room. This one is kiiind of a two in one as it's open plan with our kitchen at one end, but I think we've got the whole "two separate rooms" thing done quite well with the help of our beautiful corner sofa sectioning off our living space. My favourite area in this room has to be my ladder shelves. It was silver and pine (I've had it since I was about 12!), but I bought a can of copper spray paint and my dad took on the little upcycling project! I keep some of the books I still have to read and some pretty lil ornaments on here, with some fairy lights draped over the top. Cute! We also have huuuge windows in our living room and the view is just beautiful - I can sit and look out across the water and trees for so long.

Attached to this room is our kitchen, and as a keen baker I was SO excited to have so much worktop space! It's great having such a modern kitchen too, as the home we used to rent together had a teeny electric stove, a sink, and enough room for one person at a time. Now look at what we're working with!! I understand it's still not huge but we are absolutely smitten with it and considering where we came from, we are even more appreciative of what we have now. Being the foodies we are, we LOVE this space of our new home. Above my dining table, I have a string of some of my favourite photos
 (printed on Printiki at and you can use my code 4CGKAKEQ for free shipping!) which adds such a nice, cosy touch.

I feel like I'm going to say this about every space in our home, but I am absolutely in love with this room. Our old house didn't have a bathtub (which broke my heart on a daily basis), but look at what we have now! We both had baths within our first 24 hours of getting the keys to our home and many a Lush bath has been had over the last few weeks. Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for my bank balance) I always have a healthy stash of bath goodies from Lush. Even Sean partakes from time to time too! It's such a bright room too which I absolutely love.

Our bedroom is the one room that I'm not happy with just yet. It's not finished but I don't know what to do with it, I'm hoping you might have some ideas to leave me in the comments! It's actually such a big space, and the main attraction here of course is the bed. We invested in a Casper mattress and haven't looked back since. We've been here almost a month now and sleepy time has been completely transformed! Another perk of moving house is the excuse to buy lots of loving new bedding (the one here is from Dunelm) and bedding is DEFINITELY my weakness. I just can't get enough! We have loads of wardrobe space (yay!) so lots of space for new clothes 😁

The last space to show you all is definitely the least exciting but I need your help with this one too! Our hallway is beautifully modern but plain, and I feel like it needs a little bit of somethin' to jazz it up a bit! We did do a very grown up thing of going to a garden centre and buying houseplants, so at least the hallway has a bit of prettiness. 

So there you have it - our beautiful (in my opinion!) new home. I'd love to know what you think we could do with the space we have as a bit of inspiration wouldn't go a miss. Let us know what you think we could do especially with the bedroom and hallway! It's all been worth waiting for and it still doesn't really feel real. Now I'm back with this post, I hope to chat to you all again much sooner! 

Samantha x


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  1. I completely relate with you when it comes to the kitchen as a fellow foodie myself! I absolutely hate being a student and having to share a kitchen with my housemates - I just want a kitchen all to myself haha! You've really made the space feel so homely :) xx

    Faye | Female Original


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