Wednesday 29 November 2017

Wonderland Makeup Review

A couple of weeks back, I was lucky enough to be sent some new products to try from Wonderland makeup. I've had the chance to give them all a good go and I'm here to share my honest thoughts on the three products I received.

The first product which caught my eye was the Lash Lengthening Mascara. I'm a sucker for a mascara - I'm a firm believer that it can make my shoddy make-up skills somewhat presentable. On removing it from it's box, I was faced with a sleek looking white tube with a black lid with the Wonderland logo on the front. 

Now, I'm pretty fussy with mascaras, and this one ALMOST ticked all the boxes. It definitely made my lashes a lot longer, and it's super black. I had trouble getting on with it at first, as I like to give my lashes a lot of volume, I like to get the brush right in at the root and give it a good old wiggle. However, I found it hard to do with this mascara as the brush itself is really quite flexible. I can still get it to do what I want it to do, but it takes a lot longer as I need to be so much more careful, or it transfers onto my eyelid. However, one box this mascara ticks which most of my others don't is that it doesn't transfer under my eyes throughout the day at all.

Next, I tried the primer - a step I often skip! I was pretty skeptical about this product, as on squeezing some out of the tube it felt quite greasy. Having oily skin, this didn't fill me with confidence. I applied it anyway and I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how it made my makeup last through the day! Although it felt greasy initially, on application it made my skin feel super smooth and silky. I often get an oily t-zone after 4-5 hours of having foundation on, but with this primer I made it to about 8 before I got shiny. Winning.

Last up was the Wonderdust Loose Pigment. I received the shade Gunmetal, which swatches as a really dark, metallic grey/blue. Unfortunately, this isn't the most wearable shade for me as I'm pretty pale, I rarely wear eyeshadows quite so dark. However, it swatches well and is highly pigmented. I'd definitely look into other shades on offer in the Wonderdust range.

Wonderland Makeup definitely deserves more recognition than it gets in the cosmetic world. I love discovering new makeup brands, and you should check them out too! 
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