Sunday 13 August 2017

Glossybox August 2017 review

Hello friends! I'm back again with another Glossybox review. I'm gutted I've been away from my lovely little blog for a while but hey, I guess that's just life!

This month, I was pretty pleased with the products I was sent on the whole, despite there being a surprise disappointment! As always, a wonderfully wide range of products all packaged beautifully for me to try. 

The product that INSTANTLY caught my eye was this palette and solo shades from Essence. Now, having used Essence for a few years now (in my opinion, it's a completely underrated brand!), I was so excited to see their products in my Glossybox. The palette itself is beautiful, and the lid looks like it's filled with lots of little sprinkles! I was sent 4 solo shades; a blush, a highlight and two eyeshadows. The highlight isn't the most pigmented in the world but still leaves skin with a (very) subtle glow. The blush is beautiful and the eyeshadows are amazing. My favourite is the pinky/nudey shade. Once applied to the eyelid, it almost has a lilac-y undertone which is just gorgeous. My only issue is they do leave quite a bit of fallout on my face, BUT I can look past that for these gorgeous colours. 

I was also super excited to see another product from Rodial. After trying their mascara in a previous Glossybox, I was keen to try some more of their range. I was not disappointed! This lip colour is incredible, and it applies to the lips so smoothly. It's the perfect browny-pinky-nude which I'm sure is great for most skin tones. I love that it's in a crayon form, as it's so easy to apply. The Suede Lips range by Rodial are super matte, but don't leave lips feeling dry or uncomfortable like some matte lip colours do. A big thumbs up from me!

I hate to say it, but I was actually really disappointed with the next product, and it's the 2-in-1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner from Batiste. I was so excited for this, as I love the idea of a dry shampoo having conditioning qualities too, but it didn't do anything for my hair at all. It made my hair look super greasy, and the product kind of separated once it hit my hair, meaning I was left with wet, greasy patches, and lots and lots of white specs that just wouldn't budge. I'm gutted to be writing this as I usually love Batiste products, but a girl's got to be honest - this one is not for me.

I was skeptical when I opened up the Safari Sun Bronzer from Model Launcher, as looking at the orange-looking colour in the pan I didn't think it would be for me. How wrong was I! Once dusted over the face, it gives such a beautiful, healthy glow. I was so, so impressed too as I usually don't really rate bronzers with shimmer, but this has changed my opinion entirely! I'm a changed woman when it comes to my bronzers, so well done Model Launcher!

Last up is the Valquer Ice Hair Mask. My hair has been in pretty good condition lately (mostly down to laying off the straighteners and the hair dye!) but I still love to look after my hair as if its still frazzled within an inch of it's life. I often look for new hair masks since Boots discontinued the Coconut one that smelled INSANE. This hair mask smells odd. Just putting it out there. It's not a BAD smell, but it smells slightly clinical, slightly manly. Not the typical smell for a hair product but there we go. However, despite my concerns over scent, this mask left my hair amazingly soft. I can't say that I will definitely be purchasing a full-size at £14.99, as I am reluctant to pay larger amounts of money for something is essentially going to end up down the drain. I'll enjoy it while it lasts but in the mean time, the hunt for my new favourite hair mask continues.

SO that's August's Glossybox summed up. Some highs, some lows, but overall I am still very happy with my lovely little monthly treat. What are your faves from your Glossybox this month? Let me know and let's have a chat :)

Lots of love, 
Samantha x

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