Friday 3 November 2017

October Reflection 2017

It's November, which frankly I just find absolutely ridiculous. I've read so many lovely posts from people reflecting on the month just gone, so that's what you're going to read now.

October was a pretty marvellous month for me. Putting plans into place for our new home was the highlight BY FAR. (All of the homeware shopping!) I've always loved October, and for me, it marks the start of cosy nights in. My inner introvert can set herself free and escape from the pressures of being out and about through the summer. Don't get me wrong, I'm still up for going out - a mooch around Christmas shopping or popping out for a coffee with friends, but it somehow feels much more socially acceptable to spend copious amounts of time indoors under a blanket. 

We never really do an awful lot for Halloween, but I still enjoy the hype of it all despite not actively taking part in the ghoulish festivities myself. Sean and I stayed in and finished the new series of Stranger Things in the space of about 3 days, which was bloody brilliant. I've rediscovered my obsession and can't get enough of it! Halloween weekend was spend marching around London with a group of lovely girlies for my cousin's fiancee's Hen party I helped to organise, which was super fun!

A more personal thing that I can reflect on is that me and my doctor decided that I am at a point where I can begin to try coming off of my anti-anxiety medication, which I was absolutely thrilled about. I've been feeling good over the last few months with only the odd hiccup here and there, so it would be fab to come off the tablets completely. Watch this space! I have toyed with the idea of doing a blog post about my mental health and things that have helped me. Let me know if you want to read that!

The last thing I can reflect on for October, is that it marked the start of my Christmas shopping which I'm SUPER proud of, as last year I left it to the last minute and ended up in a real flap over it all. I'm never as organised as I plan to be, but hey, it's a start! I'm SO excited for Christmas this year.

I hope you've enjoyed this lil post about my October. Something a bit different, eh?! 

Let me know how your October was and let's have a chat in the comments :)

Samantha x


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  1. Hi Samantha,
    Really lovely blog!
    I think that a post about your mental health would be a brave thing do but I know that I'd read it!!


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