Sunday 22 October 2017

Ten Top Tips for a Cosy Autumn

So Autumn has finally joined us and it's definitely my favourite time of year! Snuggly evenings on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate, candles lit and a lovely hot bath running. What's not to love? I thought I'd share some of my favourite things about autumn to help you enjoy the snuggly season as much as I do.

1. Candles
I love a good candle. Who doesn't?! Scented or not, I don't really mind as I use my wax warmer to fragrance my home, but there's just something incredibly cosy about having a few candles lit of an evening to help you to wind down for the night.

2. Hot Chocolate
I'm not fussy when it comes to hot chocolate - any chocolate is good as far as I'm concerned! I have to admit though, I am a big lover of the Galaxy hot chocolate topped with some squirty cream and a handful of marshmallows for good measure. Winter body - check!

3. Blankets
I am a self-confessed blanket hoarder. You can never have too many! They really make any room that much cosier. I always have an array of blankets in my bedroom and some folded up on my ladder shelf ready to be used. I definitely find Primark and Matalan the best for throws and blankets.

4. Baths
My current lack of a bath tub makes me sad, but my parent's tub is the best. I'm so excited to have my own when I move (more excited than I should be!), and I always have a stash of Lush bath bombs to hand. From time to time though, a good old fashioned bubble bath is all it takes to make a bath the cosiest place to be through the autumn months.

5. Winter Pyjamas
Even though the festive season is still a little while away yet, it's come to that time in the year when it's perfectly acceptable to get out those loud, animal covered, tartan pyjamas. They're hideously cute, and now is a fab time to enjoy them! Treating yourself to some new jammies is really exciting too, and it's definitely my weakness when going into Primark at this time of year!

6. Telly Time
It's a fab time of year for my inner introvert to set herself free. Lazy Sundays curled up in front of the telly whilst Netflix asks me if I'm still watching the series I've been binging for the last 3 hours = absolute bliss.

7. Fairy Lights
Although mine stay up all year round, autumn is the time that they truly make a house a home for me! Their subtle shine really makes your space feel so much cosier. I also have some battery operated ones from Wilko for over the headboard of my bed which is super handy.

8. Autumnal Clothes
Although a fashionista I am not, I love myself a bit of autumn clothing! Jumpers, scarves and bobble hats galore; this is definitely my happy place! Time to wrap up warm in the comfiest clothes and dig those leggings and boots back out.

9. Cosy Food
Whether it's a chilli, a cake or a homemade soup, autumnal food gets me excited each and every time! It's the best time of year for one-pot yummy recipes and eating lots of "bowl-food". Comfort food all day, every day.

10. Spending time with loved ones
Take a bit of time away from your pj's and Netflix to spend some time with those who mean most to you. Visit your family, switch off your phone and enjoy some chill time with your nearest and dearest. Snuggle up with your significant other. Or even stay on the sofa and make that phone call to your grandparents you've been meaning to do for days.

Autumn is definitely a season to be enjoyed and it's SO underrated! Follow these tips and you'll soon love Autumn as much as I do 💛

What are your favourite ways to spend Autumn? Let me know in the comments and let's have a chat!

Samantha x

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