Monday 25 September 2017

Glossybox September 2017 Review

It's that time of the month already; another Glossybox has arrived! I'm becoming very aware that since I've been back at work, a lot of my blog posts are Glossybox related. I am planning on getting some variation in soon so please bear with me!

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the lid off of this month's Glossybox.

The first thing that caught my eye was the FULL SIZE bottle of perfume! Whaaaaat?! A box of goodies that costs a tenner with a £20 bottle of perfume. Mental. When I saw that it was Rose scented, I was slightly skeptical but it's GORGEOUS. I've been after a bottle of Chloe for ages but couldn't bring myself to fork out for the hefty price tag, but this is a really good alternative! I'll definitely be repurchasing L'Eau de Rose when it runs out.

Next up is the Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer. Since actually having some form of eyebrows, I've been obsessed with trying out new brow products, so I was excited to give this a whirl. I use powder to fill in my brows so I was worried that this would lift all the hard work I'd just done. Wrong! It's fab as it glides across the brow hairs without lifting any of the product underneath. It also doesn't leave brows crispy like some gel brow setting products do, but still holds them in place all day. A thumbs up from me! Definitely going to be looking into more of the Pixi range.

I was a bit confused when I saw the MONU Skincare Firming Fiji Facial Oil, as I'd told my Glossybox profile that I have oily skin so I would like mattifying products. However, the lavender scent made me want to try it anyway. It was pretty good! It hasn't done anything miraculous for my skin but equally it didn't make my skin any more oily than it already is. I think I might be giving the rest to my mum, purely because I think she will enjoy it more than I will.

Having never used anything from the Cetaphil range, I was looking forward to getting stuck into the skincare trio that I received in my Glossybox. I started with the cleanser, and I really liked that it was a gel-like consistency (also surprised as I thought it'd be a cream which I don't like!) and it felt super soft on my face. A big thumbs up for that one. Next in the trio, I turned to the face moisturiser. This I was a little less excited for as it's quite thick, which my oily skin doesn't usually appreciate, but it didn't make my skin too shiny and it left my skin amazingly smooth. I'm still in shock that I didn't hate it! I don't love it, but I'll definitely use the rest of the sample. Last up was the body moisturiser. I'm probably the wrong person to review a body moisturiser as I'm SO lazy with moisturising my body after a shower. But, as body moisturisers go, this isn't so bad. It absorbs pretty quickly so doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky for hours on end (like lots of them do!), so I guess it's kind of a half-hearted thumbs up from me.

Last but not least is the Siligel Blender from Stylondon. I have to say, I don't think the silicone blender life is for me. I get that they're supposed to be a lot more hygenic as they aren't porous like a sponge is, and that they're supposed to save you some pennies as they don't suck up the product, and that's great. However, I just found that the Siligel blender just kind of moved the product around my face without really blending it in at all. I ended up having to use my regular blending sponge afterwards as the foundation was just sitting on top of my skin and not really doing much for me!

Another month has passed and another Glossybox review done. Let me know what you thought of the products you tried this month!

Love, Samantha x

NOTE: There was also a Kinder Bueno in this months Glossybox. The aforementioned Kinder Bueno didn't make it to the photos. I don't think I need to explain why.


  1. Oooh these products look great, I am on the hunt for a new subscription box, I really like the look of this one! -xo

    Chloe | Chloe Danielle

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