Monday 12 June 2017

The Benefits of Benefit?

If I could go back 10 years and give myself ~one~ piece of beauty advice, it would be to leave my goddamn eyebrows alone.

It didn't help that I was a teenager at a time when it was super cool to have eyebrows only a few hairs thick, but I definitely went a tad overboard. Zero shape. Zero arch. Zero anything, really. Just enough hairs that I could probably count on my own two hands. It was a sight to see. I've had a look and luckily for my own dignity, there aren't many photos of my hideous "brows" as they were usually hidden by my huge sweeping fringe that covered most of the rest of my face too.

I've been having my eyebrows done by the girls at the Benefit Brow Bar for a few months now and it's honestly the best beauty decision I've ever made. Granted, it's a monthly cost I could probably do without but I daren't let myself loose with tweezers ever again. A wax and tint costs me £21 and they are SO attentive to detail. Even if they've finished the treatment, they'll go back over if they aren't 100% perfect - they really take pride in their masterpieces!

Aside from their beauty treatments, which is more than just brows, I am a huge fan of their make-up and skincare ranges. I have a few firm faves in my collection (that I may not attempt to photograph as they are extremely "well-loved") ranging from primer to brows. 

I am a huuuuge fan of:
  • Porefessional - This is amaaaazing for my oily skin, and helps to keep my make-up looking fresh all day long. I have enlarged pores and definitely helps to minimise the appearance of them. Foundation sits so well over the top, and it's great to use on its own too.
  • Gimme Brow - My other brow saviour other than my heroes at the Brow Bar. Since attacking my brows as a teen, they've been pretty sparse (even though I'm a hairy beast of a female) and this brow gel makes my brows look fuller with its added fibres.
  • Hoola - I loooove Hoola as it's matte and cool toned, I can use it to contour as well as generally warming up my face. And the one box I have has lasted me a million years. Benefit have also recently brought out a paler version called Hoola Lite, which I am yet to try.
  • 'It's Potent!' Eye Cream - This is by far my favourite eye cream I've ever used. Not wanting to wrinkle prematurely, I have been trying a few different eye creams over the last few months and this is by far my favourite. It instantly brightens and smooths under the eyes. I actually had a miniature from a gift set I was given at Christmas but I will definitely be purchasing a full size.

There may well be other hidden gems I have yet to discover. Yes, Benefit is slightly more pricey than your average drugstore brand, but so far, it's oh-so worth it. I'll definitely be trying more products across their ranges and I will update you lovelies with the verdict. 💓


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