Sunday 11 June 2017

Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes...

The world currently seems to still be fairly anti-feminist. I too, don't really enjoy the in-your-face, "all men can die" attitude that some women seem to adopt. But I think feminism is often being mis-labelled. For me, feminism is all about girls coming together, empowering each other, and realising how strong they really are. 

I am especially supportive of the teenage girl. After reading a blog post by the lovely Lucy Wood, I re-lived the feeling of being ABSOLUTELY unstoppable and having a passion for everything in life. I wanted to do everything and I was going to take on the entire world. 
I don't want to sound like I now have the charisma of a damp sock, but hitting your twenties, your enthusiasm does slow slightly.  But I do want to talk about how utterly incredible the young girls of today truly are.

There aren't many places you can go in the world where human beings can 100% have each other's backs, but find a group of girls and you'll be pretty damn close. Yeah, girls can be bitchy, but that's also just another example of how strong they are. They have the intelligence and determination to find that one thing they know can bring you down in an instant. But girls are equally amazing at holding each other up. They'll celebrate each other's achievements and shout about them from the rooftops. They'll come to your rescue when your period surprises you and you're caught short. They'll have a million spare hair ties that they'll dish out when it comes to P.E. If you're having a rubbish day, they'll put so much effort into lifting you up and changing that. They'll go out of their way to make you feel good. They've got your back, and they have a certain comradery that you just don't see too often in other social circles. 

Teenage girls aren't afraid to be themselves when they're passionate about something. They're relentless. They will unashamedly support their favourite pop-stars, bands, celebrities to no end. It just isn't something you can explain to anyone who hasn't experienced it, but being out in a group of girls is the most powerful feeling.

I do feel like this does carry on as we grow up, too. As a young woman, I often see females looking out for each other in public. I've met girls in pubs and clubs who'll compliment you endlessly, as they attempt to re-apply their makeup and hold each other's drinks whilst being a little too tipsy. The sharing out of tampons/hair ties still happens too, and they'll definitely tell you if you've got lipstick on your teeth. I've witnessed girls who have been on their own waiting to be picked up, and other girls will stand with them so that they aren't alone.


The internet has had it's blessings for sure, but it's also had it's hardships. The immense pressures (particularly on girls) to act a certain way, to look a certain way, to have certain things, in your face wherever you turn on the internet is so difficult. It doesn't take much to see why there are so many girls with body hang-ups and eating disorders nowadays, particularly with the over-use of Photoshop. As a teenager when the internet was really taking off (god bless MSN and MySpace), I can really relate to these struggles that young girls are facing every day. I'm grateful that I missed the worst of it as I think now with the pressure of having a certain amount of 'likes' and Instagram popularity (and so on and so forth), I'm not sure how well I would have coped. Hats off to the modern-day teenage girl!

Next time you're out and about, remember this blog and try to get a bit of 'girl power' going. Smile at a passer-by. Compliment a stranger's outfit/hair/makeup. Obviously this applies to everyone, male or female, but when we empower one another, girls really are a force to be reckoned with.


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