Wednesday 21 June 2017

Surprise Birthday Picnic

MY GOD it's been hot in the UK this week. Other countries poke fun at our inability to cope with a bit of heat, but we just aren't kitted out for it like they are! Diving into the nearest supermarket for a bit of icy-cool relief is becoming far too common with me. 

On the hottest day of the year so far, Sean and I went on a surprise birthday picnic for our
friend Tom, which had been arranged by his lovely girlfriend Cath. Both Cath and I are keen bakers, so naturally I was very excited for the picnic (especially as I am a massive foodie and the thought of being able to cram myself silly with delicious baked goods makes me more excited than it should). We didn't go too mad though, as it was so hot you just didn't feel like eating so much. It was so lovely to just lay beneath the trees and watch the world go by.

We visited Capstone Farm Country Park and found a shady spot near the lake, and marked our territory with an abundance of picnic blankets. Our friends were super organised, and they even brought wireless speakers with them for some funky background music. It was my job to bake Tom a birthday cake, and with him being a chocolate lover, I went with Tanya Burr's Sunday Cake. In hindsight, this was a stupidly brave move given the 32°c heat, but hey, I like to live life on the edge.

Cath made the most amazing smoky chicken buns (which got scoffed before I had the chance to take a photo) but they were essentially a really yummy bread bun, filled with chicken and chorizo inside. Delicious! She also made some super yummy sausage rolls, which are a winner all year round. 
(Sausage rolls are for life, not just for Christmas!)

There's just something really special about spending time outdoors with your nearest and dearest. Sure, outdoor time going for a big long walk through the countryside can be enjoyable, but it has its own time and place and this weekend WASN'T it! We spend hours chilling out, eating good food and enjoying our surroundings. Tom was absolutely over the moon with his surprise and Cath did such a good job at organising. There were a few unexpected guests too, including this squirrel and robin!

Picnics are such a good excuse to get together and eat some incredible food. Whether it's something that's been planned for weeks, or just an impromptu trip out. Even if you don't have time to create any yummies yourself, it's nothing that a trip to your local supermarket can't solve. If this sunny weather keeps up (and who knows with British summer!), I hope to have many more picnics with family and friends before the summertime is gone.


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  1. I need that cake in my life! Sounds lovely, you have written this lovely too xx


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