Sunday 25 June 2017

Glossybox - June 2017

Much to my boyfriend's annoyance, I have been squealing like a little girl since this little beauty arrived today.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box subscription and quite a few of the products they send are full size, which is a huge bonus. I absolutely love the products they sent me this month. Like other beauty boxes, you fill in your own beauty profile so they can make sure the products they send you are suited to you.

It's packaged SO beautifully that it almost seemed a shame to open it! I didn't leave it long before I ruined it though. I have never ever received a parcel as lovely looking as this one.

Upon opening the box, I was faced with an array of the most gorgeous products. Some were from brands I already know and love, and others from new brands for me to investigate and explore. 

Also inside the box, I really liked that they sent a little card with a bit of information about each of the products they had sent me. It was really nice to be able to know a little bit about the products before using them. A little teaser of Louise Pentland's debut novel 'Wilde Like Me' is inside the box too, so I'll definitely be giving that a read over the weekend! (I was probably going to buy it anyway!)

Okay, first in the box is the new Batiste Stylist product, which is a 2-in-1 product (which I am all for!) heat protection spray and shine spray in one handy bottle. I say handy, it's actually really a big bottle! It's just nice to get two jobs done in one easy step. I love this as it saves a little time when doing my hair and it smells pretty good too! It makes hair suuuuper shiny and it isn't too wet, so you don't get that sizzle when you're too impatient to wait before you use the styling tools. As it has so many benefits for your hair too, I'll definitely look at re-purchasing when it runs out.

This has become an instant handbag staple for me. Claiming to work wonders on dry lips, hands, hair, eyebrows, and even insect bites and minor cuts, I don't think there's anything this amazing little balm can't do! I'd read about it before, but was reluctant to buy as I was skeptical of all its bold claims. I am truly having to eat my words now though. Being a balm I was cautious of it being a little greasy, but it absorbs into the skin so quickly.

THIS SMELLS INCREDIBLE. Honestly one of the best scents my nostrils have ever been graced with. This hand cream by Eness Cosmetics contains African Argan oil, which leaves hands super soft and smelling heavenly. It contains lots of exotic oils and has a lot of benefits for hands, cuticles and nails. And it's a mahoosive bottle!!

I'm so fussy when it comes to mascaras, but this one definitely ticks most of the boxes for m! It defines my lashes and really gives them some length. It's got a super fat bristle brush too so it gets the job done quickly. It doesn't smell too strong either, which can sometimes affect me as I'm a sensitive soul! The only let-downs for me are that I do usually like a little more volume from a mascara, and that the brush is SO big, it's actually a little difficult to apply to the corner eyelashes and the bottom eyelashes. But maybe that's just my rubbish application skills! I'll definitely continue to use this and will definitely be looking into more of Rodial's make-up range. I've never actually heard of them before now so this was a good find!

I was so pleased to receive this! I've been eyeing up some of the Sleek lip crayons for some time now but could never find them in the shops. However, Glossybox sent me the most beautiful nude-y brown lip crayon and it even has a special ingredient that makes your lips tingle for an extra plump lip effect! It's got a pretty thin tip too for a crayon, so it makes really precise application easy, even for me! I'll definitely try and get my mitts on some more of these in the very near future!

Having wanting to try a charcoal mask for a loooong time now (I'm so behind with the trends!), I was really pleased to see this sitting in my box of goodies. I have fairly oily skin, so this worked a treat for me! I left it on for 20 minutes and all sorts of ick comes away when you peel it off, (you must have seen the videos on YouTube!) but it leaves your skin feeling super fresh and clean. Winning! 

I really like this, which I was actually pretty surprised about. Like I said before, having oily skin I tend to avoid the 'dewy' look and pile on the powder to keep me as matt as possible for as long as possible. I was a bit hesitant to try this illuminating cream from Manna Kadar but used on my cheekbones, it gives me a really nice, healthy looking glow! I'll definitely continue to use this, especially though the summer, and I'll look at other products in their range too.

Lastly, I got this eye lift gel from a brand called 111 Skin, and the full size version retails at a whopping £110! And although I haven't been using it long enough to comment on the benefits over time, it definitely leaves my under-eyes feeling smooth and refreshed. It definitely does reduce the appearance of dark circles and any puffiness under the eyes, and it sinks into the skin really nicely too. I'll use it until it runs out but not sure that I'll repurchase as the £110 price tag is a tad hefty!

So, that's it, my review of my June 2017 Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed reading what I thought about the products I received this month! I actually loved them all, which is fab as there's usually something slightly underwhelming. Let me know what you thought of your products if you have a beauty box subscription.

 Here's to a happy relationship with Glossybox for months to come!



  1. That Sleek lip crayon looks like such a gorgeous shade :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. Hey there lovely! <3 I have nominated you for the Blue Sky Tag - Challenge: I'm looking forward to your answers :)

    Elisabet |

  3. Really polished blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find out more here:

  4. Sleek has some great products. Great unboxing.


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