Thursday 8 June 2017

Cake Therapy

Being pretty much housebound for the past few weeks, but being able to hobble about a bit, I've found myself wanting to bake more and more. 

I've always loved baking, from making fairy cakes with my mum as a teeny tiny person (do you remember those Tom and Jerry cake kits you used to have as a kid with the horrific paper stickers for the top?!). But I've now grown up (a little bit) and I'm turning my hand to some slightly more sophisticated recipes. 

My most recent bake was from Tanya Burr's recipe book "Tanya Bakes", which I stumbled across after watching a few too many YouTube videos. I fell in love with the look of her Sunday Cake, which features two layers of chocolate sponge, sandwiched with chocolate-y buttercream goodness and topped with COPIOUS amounts of chocolate treats. I made mine on a Tuesday (controversial!) for my cousins barbecue. It was definitely a special occasion as it was their first barbecue of the year. 

(I'm aware this isn't a very blog-worthy photo. And it's a little messy. We'll get there!)

I love baking, and I find it almost therapeutic. I'm sure if I tried to make something a bit too tricky it would have the opposite effect, but it definitely helps me to switch off when I have things on my mind. I'm sure they exist somewhere, but I am yet to find another human who doesn't enjoy baking. Especially the eating part, during and after (spoon-lickers, are you with me?!) is the most fun.

I'm sure I will always continue to have a massive love for baking and now I have a lovely little space on the internet to share my baking ventures, amongst other things. How exciting!


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